Born 1968.

Artist and designer based in Canterbury, Kent. Following graduation from KIAD at Medway in 1991, early freelance employment was found at a London toy company sculpting prototype concepts and production pattern making. By 1995 I’d started my sculpture production business supplying interior giftware retailers and galleries with my cold cast metal designs. Over the years, various ranges of sculpture have been produced inspired by my love of Art Nouveau and Gothic with over sixty thousand items dispatched from my workshop, all hand cast and finished by me. Currently, my Dali inspired warped clocks are still available, and since 2013 I’ve been expanding a popular range of sculptural wall mounted bottle openers.

Aside from my sculpture output, I’ve been painting for over 30 years, much of my work imbued with surrealism and symbolism. I’m self taught mainly working in oils, developing various layering techniques within works. More recently I’ve moved over to acrylics, gels and aerosols, exploring reactions within mediums enjoying their ‘happy accidents’. Over time I’ve diversified through other themes varying from classic Americana to wildlife pieces. My work has sold through a number of solo shows and independent galleries since the early 1990’s, many going to international buyers.

I’m a compulsive creator, applied through sculpture and my preference for painting. Its the foundation of my sense of purpose, finding a satisfying freedom experimenting with themes and styles.