These sculptures are hand cast/finished by me. They are limited editions of between 10 – 75 pieces depending on the design with optional Painted, Pewter or Verdigris Bronze finish. To purchase, please email [email protected]

Cthulhu Idol

RoadKill I. Original SOLD

RoadKill II.

Flower Power (Red)

Mirror commission 80x120cm. Cast resin assemblage

Clock commission 70cm high. Cast resin assemblage.

Vanitas. Unique assemblage cast resin with rust finish, mounted on framed gold leaf panel. 63x82cm.

Vanitas II. 61x80cm Cast resin assemblage sculpture on framed gilded panel.

Peace. 56cm tall.

Bonding. 39cm tall.

Dance. 39cm tall.

Spirit Wings. 25cm cubed.

Ascension. 45cm tall.